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Assistance with Social and Community Participation

This funding covers the SUPPORT NDIS participants need to meet goals relating to participating in community, social or recreational activities. Sometimes these activities may be provided by us or another organisation in a centre or in a community setting.

You could even use this funding for one of our Disability Support Workers to support you to travel to and attend a music concert (unfortunately you still have to pay for your ticket yourself).

This funding also covers support for activities that are either centre-based or out in the community (e.g. to attend a woodworking class or a gardening group) at standard or higher intensity rates.

Under Assistance with Social and Community Participation, the NDIS may fund a support worker to support you to:

  • attend personal development courses
  • join a social group
  • take an outing or a holiday
  • go on a holiday camp
  • visit your local library
  • see a movie or a concert
  • go to community events, and/or
  • join a sporting club.

Social and Community Participation services can be funded under either one of the following depending on what is in your NDIS plan.

Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation

Capacity Building – Increased Social & Community Participation

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