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Assistance with Daily Life

Personal activities and high intensity personal activities assistance 

Personal activities and if needed high intensity personal activities assistance is an NDIS support that we provide you with personal activities and daily tasks, such as:

Daily routines

Cooking and cleaning

Personal care


Money and budgeting

Taking medication

Volunteering and working

Joining a group or club

Tips to make friends

Catching public transport

Working with Government services.


Our staff include staff with nursing qualifications and support workers who also undertake higher level training such as:

Subcutaneous Injections for insulin administration for type 1 diabetes

Seizure Management

Urinary Catheter Management

Dysphagia management including safe and enjoyable meals

and behaviour management training with the widely acclaimed TEAM TEACH system that focuses on Funcitonal Behaivour Assesments and Postive Behaviour Plans.



This type of NDIS support is listed under ‘Core Supports’, these funds are very flexible which means that you can pick and choose what works best for you.

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